Company Overview

Daisei group’s beginning was in 1985, through a pub called “Kirakira Ginza” located in Blok M, Jakarta.


After reorganizing into an overseas investment company (PMA) in June 2009, we started through food and drinking business, applied the philosophy “Maju Bersama! (Go forward together)” as our base to retail, vendor, real estate, logistics, system development, and everyone participating actively in Indonesia and become a company that supports in totality.

Company Information

Company Name: PT. Wakyo World Wide

Establishment: June 22nd 2009


CEO: Takeya Daisei

Business Content:

Location: Jl. Melawai IX no. 4-5, South Jakarta

Telephone Number: +62-21-725-2390

FAX: +62-21-725-2391

Consolidated Net Sales: 1 billion yen

Number of Employees: 400 (year 2016)

Business Domain

-Food and Beverage Business-

PT. Wakyo World Wide

We begin through eating and drinking establishments in Blok M area, starting from Kirakira Ginza inside and outside of Jakarta, and operate 14 stores including Ramen 38 and Jurin Bar.

Our employees are looking forward to your visit!


PT. Ramai-Ramai Ramen

Ramen 38’s own franchise


PT. Duta Inti Boga

An eating and drinking establishment investment and restaurant management, we start from “Dai Tokyo Sakaba” in Blok M, we operate a shop that is popular among the Japanese as well as local people.

Please do come and visit us.


-Real Estate Business-

PT. Takeya Consulting

Real Estate Business/Consultant/Event Business which share the same Maison Map Building. Based on the motto “to support the comfortable life of Jakarta expatriates”, we provide help as intermediary for apartment rental.

We also provide services related to the installation of cable television, housekeeping arrangement, post-moving reparation service, etc, all on one stop.


-Retail Business-

PT. Daisei Retail Indonesia

Starting from a bakery in Blok M area called “La Mouette”, we opened supermarket(Jakarta Ichiba),noodle and soup factory, Jakarta Japanese School’s “Café Pelangi JJS”, and Japanese School Purchasing Department.

We also sell children’s birthday special cake and delicious Japanese rice, so please come and visit us!


-System Business-

PT. Daisei Hapilogika Sistem


A business developer that creates IT-based business, we provide help such as warehouse management system for factory and logistic company, and also e-commerce website setup and management.